Top 10 Private Schools in America

There are hundreds of private schools located across the nation. Selecting the private school that is the most beneficial for your child may involve rigorous research on both your end and your child’s end; you to learn the value of the proposed campus, and your child as he or she studies for entrance exams. Many parents wonder what the top ten private schools in the country really are. The question is, what measures the value of a private school?

Most expensive? Competitiveness? Highest scoring on national tests?

Different parents measure private schools in different ways. In the end, by assessing all of these qualities, you will be able to decide—or at least, be one step closer—to the private school that is right for your child.

Before getting started in the logistics, here is the nitty-gritty and subjective “top 10:”

Most Expensive Private Schools

While the economy has had an impact on the cost of private school, tuition is still rather expensive at the bigger names. According to Forbes, the median national tuition cost is $16,970/year. Taking inflation into consideration, this is still considered 79% higher than the median cost twenty years ago. In the Northeast, the median cost rises to $23,000, and is another $10,000 or more with boarding costs.

Middlesex School, Concord Academy, Hotchkiss School, and Lawrenceville School take the top ten due to the price tag, at a staggering $30,000+ a year.

What makes the price tag worthwhile? According to Kennedy, who sent his daughter to private school in 1987, “If my daughter is capable of reading five Shakespeare plays in a year, I want her to be able to do that. At a public school she may have read one. They really work those kids hard academically.” Kennedy’s daughter went on to be a Harvard graduate.

Most Competitive Private Schools

The list of boarding schools that accept less than 25% of applicants is astounding. Familiar names like Phillips Andover, Phillips Exeter, Hotchkiss, St. Paul’s, Lawrenceville and Milton Academy are scattered on this list.

Why are these schools so competitive? The answer is reputation. These private schools have a reputation for excellence in academics and student development, making them far more desired than other private schools. Colleges also recognize the reputation of these boarding schools. Attending a private school with a good reputation, or one of the top ten private schools in the country, means a higher chance of getting into one of the top ten colleges in the country.

Phillips Andover, Phillips Exeter, Hotchkiss School, Lawrenceville School, and Milton Academy make the list for competition.

Most of these reputable schools have been around for decades. They have had years to get it right. Let your child’s academic potential thrive with an education from a highly selective, competitive, and historical school.

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