Sequoyah School
535 S Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, CA
(626) 795 - 4351
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General Information
Grades Served
Student Teacher Ratio Size
CA Average
Nat. Average
Student Teacher Ratio
Student Population
  • 171Total Students
  • 29Total Teachers
  • 5.839Student/Teacher Ratio
Enrollment By Grade
  • 25Kindergarden
  • 20Grade 1
  • N/AGrade 2
  • 20Grade 3
  • 21Grade 4
  • 15Grade 5
  • 16Grade 6
  • 20Grade 7
  • 14Grade 8
Important Facts
  • Private School
  • School Days Per Year: N/A
  • 6.50 hours per day
  • Library: Yes
A private elementary school education gives a young child the preliminary and fundamental educational background they need for a future of success. The foundation of knowledge a child acquires in a private elementary school will bolster his or her performance in core subjects for years to come. Sequoyah School strives for this kind of excellence. Before investing in an elementary education that will impact your child’s learning and developmental future, take the time to research Sequoyah School and find out if it is the right school for your child. Sequoyah School currently educates 171 with a staff of 29. This equates to a student-teacher ratio of 5.8399. Parents may be confident in the personal attention their child will receive at Sequoyah School. To learn more about Sequoyah School, consult the contact information above.
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